E.L. Meszaros

E. L. Meszaros (she/her) is a PhD student at Brown University studying History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity. Her current research focuses on astronomy in the Ancient Near East, but also includes scientific metaphor in Ancient Greek. She focuses on the application of social science research methodology, including feminism, linguistics, and the field of Science, Technology, and Society, to ancient science.

In addition to her academic work, E.L. works as a freelance writer. Her work can be found in a wide range of online magazines and blogs, including scholarly pieces with Eidolon and Lady Science and creative non-fiction pieces with the VRV blog. She's a contributing editor with the Journal of the History of Ideas blog, co-founder of The Ratty, and managing editor of the CAMWS Graduate Student Issues Committee blog.

E.L. is also a frequent intern at NASA Langley Research Center with the Autonomy Incubator. Her research here has focused on using natural communication to define, assess, and improve human/drone interaction. With NASA, E.L. has had the opportunity to present across the U.S. and internationally and has published numerous conference papers.

In her spare time, E.L. trains regularly in the circus arts and watches Mostly Walking. She also helps care for a Sphynx, two domestic short hairs, a Chilean rose hair tarantula, a goliath bird eater, a corn snake, three leopard geckos, and one husband.